Great collaboration from Eczacıbaşı on biotechnological pharmaceuticals
'Eczacıbaşı signed an agreement with Zydus Cadila, one of the leading healthcare organizations of the world, on offering a portfolio of biotechnological products to the market in Turkey. The agreement includes primarily on the importation of the products whose biosimilars do not exist in our country today for cancer treatment, and then a long-term collaboration which will pave the way for strategic production alliances and continuous introduction of new products to the market in Turkey.
Zydus Cadila is a global pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Ahmedabad India, developing, producing and marketing a wide range of product portfolio, with more than 19 thousand employees worldwide. The company has a very strong product portfolio consisting of original products, biological products and vaccines, and aims for healthier societies all over the world with more than 1200 scientists in its Research and Development Department. The Group launched its first original product, Lipaglyn ™ (Saroglitazar), in 2013 and the first Adalimumab biosimilar in the world, Exemptia, in 2014.
Biotechnological products, which are seen as the treatment standard of the future in the pharmaceutical world, are produced by different biotechnological methods that enable the transfer of the gene of a living cell to another living cell and are used in the treatment of serious human-life threatening diseases such as especially cancer, blood diseases and rheumatic diseases. The most important advantage of the biotechnological products' biosimilars is that larger groups of patients can access these innovative products at a more economical cost.
In his speech in the signature ceremony that took place in central office of Eczacıbaşı Holding, Kanyon Office, Bülent Eczacıbaşı stated that as Eczacıbaşı Group they believe that new collaborations creating innovation and added-value in the health sector are of great importance. He stated, "Our target is to ensure that the important worldwide advances in the field of biotechnological products are simultaneously reflected and reaches more people in our country, and we think that Zydus is a very right partner in this regard".
Zydus Group Chairman Pankaj Patel expressed their gladness to take this step with Eczacıbaşı, one of the pioneer groups in the field of healthcare in Turkey. He stated that this collaboration  will provide treatment for the patients in Turkey with the biotechnological products and they aim to continue this collaboration by enriching it also with the new products.
Eczacıbaşı’Ndan Biyoteknolojik Ilaçta Büyük Işbirliği
Eczacıbaşı’Ndan Biyoteknolojik Ilaçta Büyük Işbirliği